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Quaresimali Cookies Abstinence Remedy

I Biscotti Quaresimali Italian Home Made

Quaresimali Cookies was a remedy to abstinence remedy to fasting before Easter in Italy,a Catholic custom, it was not to have animal feed.

So the ancients create a poor cookie so perfect made of almonds, water, flour and sugar, it had to reduce feelings of hunger without sinning.

Today recipe it’s different, he adds butter or lard, eggs, salt and cinnamon, so quaresimali cookies are more pleasant and a delicate flavor compared to start version.


In the City of Palermo quaresimali are cookie eaten on “All souls’ Day” as well as “muffuletta”, round bread and thin with sesam over and sardine, cheese, salt and pepper in the middle. To tradition it must be hot freshly baked  and eat just wake up.

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Sicilian Cassata from Arab Origin to City of Palermo

cassata siciliana home made

Sicilian Cassata from Arab Origin to City of Palermo.

Cassata word maybe has Arab Origin qas’at “case” and it’s made of ricotta (a light italian cheese) and Sponge Cake, almonds paste (Martorana), candied fruit and sugar.

Decoration of this cake remember baroque style of Sicilian Cities thanks to candied fruit, beads and sugar decoration.

Grecians were first to made a cheese cake with honey sweetened , (there is a Paintining in Oplontis), “Caseaut” was the Latin name, rounded as sun, symbol of fertility in old cults, a cake give to God on Spring.

It’s Born around IX-XI secolo Palermo were one of biggest Europe City hard influenced by Arab cults. Product as Sugar Cane , Lemon, Cedar, Bitter Orange, Ricotta (an italian light cheese), Mandarin, Almond are already in Palermo’s cults Chocolate and Sponge Cake thanks to Spanish.

There is a Saracen shepherd,

tha made ricotta and sugar cane on a copper halp sphere case,

a Sicilian went to him and asked: What are you Doing?

“Qas’at” replied the shepherd, the man don’t understood and  from Qas’at to Cassata was really quickly.

After at Kalsa Place at Emir court, chef prepared a shortbread with ricotta and roaster in oven, here born the first original Cassata now named as Cassata al Forno Siciliana.

During Norman Conquest,

to the Convento della Martorana in Palermo, nuns invented Marzipan made with almond flour and sugar (one of layer of Sicilian Cassata).

Today it’s Become a Sunday Cake, it’s sacred on Easter, and it belongs to Italian and Sicilian agribusiness heritage, and as Official on P.A.T. (Italian Agribusiness Traditional Product) of Agricultural Food and Forestry Department thanks to Region of Sicily.

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